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  • “It Was Just Blah, Like Kissing My Brothers…& All I Can Think About is That That Must Be How Jose Feels About Me!…Just Blah!…& He Still Doesn’t Even Know Why He Should Apologize” …”Ari, He’s Not Worth This!”…”I Know!  But I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him!”
  • Maria Got Her to Wipe Her Eyes & Talk…”Maria, Paul is So Nice to Me…He Helped With the Move, He Took Me to Breakfast & Shopping, He Bought Me Some Towels to Match My Dishes!…& He Kissed Me Goodnight Last Night…But I Didn’t Feel a Thing”
  • Pauline & Maria Had Cooked Lunch & Then Dinner for the Workers…They Were Getting to Know Each Other & Glad They’d Be Sisters-in-Law…After They All Left Maria Walked Down to See How Ari Was…She Found Her Crying & Throwing Things Out of Her Boxes
  • At Leticia’s, Nicolas & Nina were Having a Blast on ‘Javier’s’ Trampoline…Nina Was Completely Fearless, Which Was One Reason Nicolas Liked Her So Much…”Well, Letti, I Guess I’ll Need to Find Something Else for Javier”…”Wait a Bit…He’ll Find His Courage”

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